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Yes, that quote seems tailor made for the Gripen. On the same time, it’s quite possible that the IAF is now looking at barely heavier and extra succesful birds. The bounce in ASRs for the tejas – from the unique MiG-21 replacement to the current fowl and the near future Mk2 is indicative of this. The very fact that the M2k-5 was at last discarded perhaps further emphasizes this. IOWs, the Gripen is perhaps considered now as an LCA sort low finish chicken by the IAF, and it subsequently is looking for one thing greater.

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The Peace time operation costs of all the twin engine heavies will bear down heavily on the IAF especially considering the elevated variety of squadrons. The money thus saved may be invested in other areas (more Cruise Missiles, Good Bombs, SRBMS and the likes) which will give more of an edge in the course of the battle. As regards top-heavy, given IAF faces a whole bunch of heavy plane such as the J-11, Su-27, Su-30, and now even the J-20 and so on – it has each right to determine its force composition.

Multirole doesn’t insist whether or not a design is optimised for AA or AG first or whether or not each missions received equal attention. So be so variety and spare us your sensible brabbling with stupid smilies. Thx. And perhaps you check out the IAF’s requirements next time earlier than you submit. Relating to complementing a single engine fighter, sure they will complement LCA MK2 that’s anticipated for a similar timeframe around 2015 and supply even related capabilities like the Gripen a minimum of. 4. I do not think that IAF has never operated a Swedish fighter before is that vital. The Storm could be very totally different from the present UK fighters, and what US fighters are they at the moment operating? Solely Rafale could have an advantage here – nevertheless Gripen would have the advantage of having the identical engine as the Tejas.